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Have you been to ‘Barbeque Nation’ @ Domlur Bangalore ? Well it used to be our treat pad in Bangalore for quite some time. Easily accessible and good starters and good desserts 🙂 I happened to try their ‘Masala Cola’ once and was hooked on to it. It was OMG 🙂 a masaledar break from the normal coke.

Here’s my attempt to make it at home and it was pretty good 🙂

1 can               coke/diet coke/cola
1/2 tea spn   chaat masala
a pinch of salt (optional)
2-3               fresh mint leaves(optional)

Put the chaat masala in a tall glass. Add the coke to it slowly. Let the foam settle . Add the salt.
Gently crush the mint leaves and add it to the coke. Lightly stir once with a spoon.

There you are.. masala coke is ready !

Serve with chips or samosas or just as is 🙂

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Guest Post – Mango Lassi

Been lazy with the Winter coming down here.. and a short 3 week hectic trip to india.. Should be back with more posts soon 🙂

Here’s a long pending guest post from my friend Asmita
There is no season for a mango.. delicacy all year round.. Yummy 🙂
Having had a mango lassi on my last visit to an Indian restaurant in southall I coudn’t resist posting it here.

Thick Yogurt
Mango Pulp
Sugar (to taste )

Blend mango pulp, yogurt and sugar.
Adjust pulp and sugar to taste.

Add ice cubes / refrigerate.
Serve in a dainty glass with an umbrella topper/mint leaf/slice of mango … let your imagination flow 🙂

Enjoy Madi!!

You can get Mango pulp in any indian grocery store.

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