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Hi.. came back from Goa one week back 🙂

Slowly getting back into the grind after 2 weeks of vacationing.. pics and posts coming soon 🙂

And yes.. Happy New Year!!!


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Lost my Mobile

I lost my mobile in Office today 😦 My pretty Nokia N70 M with 1GB Card was picked up and it’s nowhere to be found. I have lost my food photo buddy .. sob sob 😦

I have alerted the security and searched everywhere. Hopefully someone will return it back to me..

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Our Tata Indicom broadband is down since saturday. Will be Out Of Blogging (OOB) till it’s up.

I hope it’ll be fixed soon! Considering they said “it’ll be fixed within 24 hours” on Saturday!


Update: Net is back up.. posts pending 😀

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I am back after a very short stay in Goa. This time round, I had taken a camera with me thinking i’ll click some snaps. But, when I’d take a snap I realised that Goa is so beautiful that I really can’t capture it in the camera! As a result, have very few snaps with me 🙂 (Will upload them soon!)

Below is a poem written by B. B. Borkar ( Bakibab Borkar as goans call him) “Majhya govyachya bhumit” which describes Goa’s beauty. Could not find a more beautiful way than this to describe the beautiful place of Goa! 🙂 This poem is in marathi with lots of konkani words interspersed.

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Gadyaa naral madhache
Kadya-kapari madhuni
Ghat futati dudhache

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Ambya-fanasanchi ras
Phulin phalanche pazar
Fali fulanche suvas

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Vanashrinchi karagiri
Pana-fulanchi kusar
Pashu-pakshanchya kinari

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Unhalyat khara vara
Pavsant darapudhe
Sonya chandichya re dhara

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Yete chandane mahera
Olavalya lochanani
Bhete akash sagara

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Chafa panavin fule
Bholababda shalin
Bhav shabdavin bole

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Gadya salichare bhat
Vadhi aaichya mayene
Sonkevadyacha hat

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Saagarat khele chandi
Atithyachya agatyachi
Sarya shadrasanchi nandi

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Jivya suparicha vida
Agni-divyatuni hase
Panch-povalyancha chuda

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Kale kajalache dole
Tyat savitrichi maya
Janma janmantari jale

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Lal mati nile pani
Khol arakt ghavat
Shudhdha vedananchi gani

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Kadga jadavachi muth
Vir-shrungarachya bhali
Saje vairagyachi tit

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Unch ghud devalanche
Tajmahal bhaktichya
Ashruntalya chandnyache

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Truni sumananche gend
Sidhdha kunabyanchya tondi
Shudhdha saundaryache ved

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Sukhahuni god vyatha
Ramayanahuni thor
Muk urmilechi katha

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Sara majha jiv jade
Pura majhya kavanancha
Gandh tethe ulagade

My favorite phrase from this poem is this :

Majhya govyachya bhumit
Yete chandane mahera
Olavalya lochanani
Bhete akash sagara

Loosely translated it means

In my land of Goa,
Moonlight comes to it’s home(parent’s),
With tearful eyes,
The sky meets the sea

This phrase basically says that “Goa is so beautiful that even the moonlight comes to it’s mother’s home. With tearful eyes (rain), the sky meets the sea.”

*This poem is taken after doing a google search.
*If you have the marathi script of this poem, then please drop in a mail. I’ve tried to search it on the web for a long time.

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I am off to Goa for 3 days, after 6 months! Have a lot of activities packed in these 3 days! More on that later… till then have a happy weekend! 🙂

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A non-food post on a Food Blog! But could not resist sharing this 🙂
We had a ‘Mehndi Day’ for our office gals. And I ofcourse got my hand filled with mehndi too!

Mehndi1 Mehndi2

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Coming soon….

My mom’s gonna be with me for diwali for a week..

So here’s what I plan to learn from her:

Goan Chicken Masala/Curry

Bharillo Bangdo (Stuffed mackerel)

Chicken Cafereal (kaf-re-aal)

Different types of Fov generally prepared for Diwali in Goa

and hopefully lot’s more.. cant’ wait!!!

Update: How could I forget my mom’s ir-resistible Caramel Pudding! (It always turns out puurrfect!)

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